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open source HPGL v. 0.9.3

Ok, we did it!

Our project goes opensource, yeap! ^^

This is a geostatistics algorithms library, which are used for spatial data extrapolation/interpolation in science and production: mining, geology, meteorology, for map building, in oil reservoir modeling, etc. (in our company we use it for the last case).

Well, in comparing with other free geostatistics software, we have good perfomance, little memory cost, and parallel Kriging algorithms (on OpenMP), so maybe we will get some users, who knows :)

We are not pretty sure about license, I think it can be changed to BSD later.


ibotnet case

Symantec reported about Mac botnet and named it iBotNet :)

Well, I think it has very user-friendly control panel with all this aqua buttons like "DDoS" and some fine search on infected computers ^^


kawaii case

Funny and cute video with russian policemans:


100 000 000!

Very nice comic about this damn "100 000 000 VISITOR" banners ^_^


unix tree


pirates case

Our forces had lost a battle -_-

But soldiers are bright and going to win the war ^_^


MGS comic case

If you (like me) never played MGS games, but always wanted to know what it's all about (or, in contrast, played in MGS much), when see this: 1,2,3,4 - funny comics with history of all MGS games.

Well, I heard an opinion, that all gamers are splitted in two groups - the ones, who have MGS as "best games ever", and the others, who do not played MGS at all :)


I reload, press play!

Very sweet song (and video) about life, videogames, and everything :)


hard games case

The hardest 25 games.

I played 1st one when I was a kid ^^
Well, and many others of 25, yeap.


mems case

Never Gonna Give You Up song producer shamed YouTube, because he got only 11 eng. pounds profit, having 154 millions views on youtube.

I guess, he just don't know about internet mems :)